We love learning how the cosmic energies of the stars, planets, and celestial bodies affect our lives here on earth. So, it’s only fitting that our holiday gift guide use the magic of the stars to help narrow down your holiday shopping list!

Whether you’re gifting yourself or someone else, we’ve put together a little help-you-decide guide to choosing the most astrologically aligned ĀTHR Beauty gift.


As the first Zodiac sign, you blaze the trail. And we mean that literally. You’re the first fire sign and your flames are felt by everyone around you. You’re filled with passion, confidence, energy, and a fearless spirit that’s impossible to resist. You know no limits and never succumb to fears or insecurities – you leap first, look later and never need permission to take action. You’ll find Aries conquering the world and climbing the highest mountain – first, of course.

Your motto: Ask for forgiveness, not permission.

Your color: Red

Your planet: Mars, the appropriately flame-hued ‘Red Planet’

Your spirit stone: Diamond

Your element: Fire

ĀTHR Beauty Picks For Aries 
  • SUMMER SOLSTICE PALETTE: A sunset-inspired selection of flame-hued summer shades to accentuate your fiery spirit, and dust your lids in your signature color. 


You’re the earthly anchor in the zodiac and a real-life anchor in your life. You’re surrounded by lifelong personal and professional relationships thanks to your loyal, reliable, trustworthy nature. Like your spirit animal, the bull, you work tirelessly but also enjoy luxuriating in serene, soothing environments when the workday’s done. Ruled by the feminine planet, Venus, your spirit sings loudest when indulging in the luxurious, the opulent, and the downright delicious. In their perfect world, you’ll find Taurus enjoying a delicious treat and drinking prosecco in a bubble bath filled with the finest essential oils.

Your motto: Treat yo’self.  

Your color: Pink, symbolizing your feminine spirit

Your spirit stone: Emerald or rose quartz

Your planet: Venus, the feminine planet

Your element: Earth

ĀTHR Beauty Picks For Taurus 
  • ROSE QUARTZ CRYSTAL GEMSTONE PALETTE: Filled with your favorite soft, romantic pink shades, infused with indulgent (and deeply nourishing) rosehip oil, and charged with your spirit crystal: rose quartz, this crystal palette was made for you, Taurus Queen.
  • ROSE QUARTZ CRYSTAL CHARGED CHEEK PALETTE: A pink-toned buffet from the rosé champagne highlighter to the bubblegum pink blush. Infused with rose quartz, your spirit crystal, your skin and spirit will sing together. 
  • ROSE QUARTZ BESTSELLER DUO SET: To truly treat your Taurus Queen, our new bundle includes both the Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette AND the Rose Quartz Crystal Charged Cheek Palette for an all-over wash of rosé, crystal-charged dreams. A $102 value for just $78!  

    GEMINI - MAY 21 TO JUNE 20

    Imagine meeting an enigmatic pair of quick-witted, charismatic twins that liven up every party: that’s you, the Gemini – except all wrapped up in one fabulous person. You use your dual-nature to adapt to any situation and connect with any person. Your creative spirit and innovative thinking moves the world forward, and you’re never afraid to speak your truth aloud. You’ll find Gemini creating the next big thing, talking about it far and wide, then getting bored and moving on to their next earth-shattering idea. 

    Your motto: Thank you, next.

    Your color: Yellow

    Your spirit stone: Citrine

    Your planet: Mercury

    Your element: Air 

    ĀTHR Beauty Picks For Gemini
    • SUPERNOVA CRUSHED YELLOW DIAMOND HIGHLIGHTER: A bright golden, yellow diamond highlighter that reflects your sunny, creative spirit and embodies your signature sun-hued color. Plus, it’s infused with real yellow diamonds to add some golden light to your life! 
    • JOSHUA TREE PALETTE: Infused with your spirit crystal, citrine, you’ll find some seriously striking, Gemini-esque yellow hues that you can wear as shadows, or knowing you – as a look-at-me graphic liner. 


    You’re intuitive, emotional, and able to sense the emotions of others around you. Some may even call you psychic. With the moon as your ruler, you exude loving, compassionate, almost maternal energy that makes others feel safe, cozy, and protected. You’ll know you’ve entered a Cancer’s adobe when you feel immediately at home and comfortable in their sanctuary.

    Your motto: Home is where the heart is.

    Your colors: White, silvers, and greys

    Your spirit stone: Ruby

    Your planet/celestial body: The Moon

    Your element: Water

    ĀTHR Beauty Picks For Cancer
    • SUMMER SOLSTICE PALETTE: Since you’re born in the Summer Solstice month, this palette is literally made for you. Infused with rubies, your spirit stone, these shades will illuminate your spirit as much as your lids.

    LEO - JULY 23 TO AUGUST 22

    Make way for Queen Leo. The lioness, and literal queen of the jungle, you’re delighted to claim your well-deserved seat at the throne. You’re a natural born leader, but also have a cat-like spirit that loves to play and find amusement in the everyday. Your bravery knows no equal, and you'll always fight for justice. Ruled by the sun, your regal, luxury-loving exterior conceals a warm heart and an incredibly loyal, generous, and loving spirit which those who gain your trust will discover. You’ll find Leo power shopping one day, and doing death-defying adventures the next. 

    Your motto: What you want is already yours.

    Your color: Gold

    Your spirit stones: Golden topaz or ruby 

    Your element: Fire

    Your planet/celestial body: The Sun

    ĀTHR Beauty Picks For Leo
    • TOPAZ MINI CRYSTAL PALETTE: Infused with your spirit crystal, golden topaz, this all-shimmer and metallic mini crystal palette is a smorgasbord of gold and glimmer to satisfy your royal proclivities.
    • FULL MOON EYESHADOW & HIGHLIGHTER TRIO SETLeos LOVE receiving gifts from their adoring subjects, so the more crystal-infused, astrologically-aligned golden glimmer, the better. This bundle includes the Topaz Mini Crystal Palette, Supernova Crushed Yellow Diamond Highlighter, and the Summer Solstice Palette to shower them in golden sunset vibes and so. many. Royal-worthy crystals. A $120 value for just $96!


    You’re the Marie Kondo of the Zodiac – logical, organized, and detailed-obsessed in not just your closet organization, but in your life. You strive for perfection and settle for nothing less – you’re willing to put in the work to be the best. You’re happy to share your learnings with those you love, and love bringing understanding and order to others’ lives. Your love language is helping others, and it makes you a fabulous friend to have. You’ll find Virgo color coding their Pinterest-perfect closet and organizing their friends’ chaotic calendars.

    Your motto: Outer order brings inner calm. 

    Your colors: Earth tones in browns and greens.

    Your spirit stone: Sapphire

    Your element: Earth

    Your planet: Mercury

    ĀTHR Beauty Picks For Virgo
    • SUMMER SOLSTICE PALETTE: An earth-toned diva’s dream – so many gorgeous shades that reflect the beauty and grounded energy of the earth and summer – with a touch of sparkle and shimmer of course. And those symmetrical triangle pans will soothe your hyper-organized soul.
    • TOPAZ MINI CRYSTAL PALETTE: A curated collection of chocolate, bronze, golds, and greens combine for an ode to earth tones with that little bit #extra shimmer, shine, and metallic luminosity. And what you’ll love most: all the shades are designed to align – it’s a well thought out color palette your Virgo spirit will appreciate.



    Symbolized by the scales, you’re the living, breathing manifestation of balance and harmony. You bring peace to every situation and are the master of diplomacy. You’re effortlessly elegant and adore the finer things in life with a taste for the rare, the exquisite, and the avant garde. Libra symbolizes ‘we’, meaning relationships are important to you – especially with fellow tastemakers who share your love of finery. You can see all sides of a problem and are gifted at communicating your views to others in the most diplomatic manner. You’ll find Libra hosting a dinner party filled with fashion-forward intellectuals, keeping the peace between all conflicting opinions. 

    Your motto: Follow your heart, but bring your brain along.

    Your colors: Pink and light blue

    Your spirit stone: Tourmaline or rose quartz

    Your element: Air

    Your planet: Venus

    ĀTHR Beauty Picks For Libra 
    • ROSE QUARTZ CRYSTAL GEMSTONE PALETTE: Filled with those pastel pink tones you love so much, and infused with your spirit crystal, rose quartz. This crystal eyeshadow palette embodies your ideal of balance with that just-right collection of mattes, metallic, shimmer, and duo-chrome shades in hues that strike the balance between delicate romance and smoky drama.
    • ROSE QUARTZ CRYSTAL CHARGED CHEEK PALETTE: An irresistible balance between champagne tulle and bubblegum pink, this crystal cheek palette illuminates your innate radiance and bathes you in that loving rose quartz crystal energy.



    Underneath that seemingly tough scorpion shell, you’re deeply emotional, intuitive, and even a little bit psychic. Don’t be fooled though, you’ll still sting when you’ve been wronged. Often seen as mysterious, beguiling, and incredibly complex, you draw others in while they seek to understand your seductive Scorpio spirit. You’re powerful, passionate, and will never turn down a debate or a chance to speak your truth. You’ll find Scorpio in the midst of a heated affair, or embroiled in a heated discussion while secretly reading your mind. 

    Your motto: I dare you.

    Your stone: Citrine

    Your colors: Black and deep red

    Your planet: Pluto

    Your element: Water

    ĀTHR Beauty Picks For Scorpio 

    JOSHUA TREE PALETTE: Mysterious, shadowy mattes in your signature crimson and noir shades,  with intuitive touches of unexpected brightness – always keep them guessing! Infused with your spirit stone, citrine, this crystal eyeshadow palette reflects your aesthetic while stirring your spirit.

    NEW MOON EYESHADOW + HIGHLIGHTER TRIO SETYou’ll find your signature smoky, dramatic, ultra-enigmatic shades in both the Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Palette and the NEW Ametrine Mini Crystal Palette, plus unexpected pops of colors to always keep them guessing. And top it all off, this bundles includes the scorpio-worthy, we-don't-play, stunningly luminescent Supernova Crushed Pure Diamond Highlighter. A $120 value, for just $96! 



    The sign of travel and adventure, you’re a wanderer, an adventurer, a true trailblazer. You have no interest in following a path, instead you fearlessly blaze your own. You’re the very definition of wanderlust – always discovering the next philosophy, chasing the next story, and seeking the next level of spiritual growth. Your carefree spirit and penchant for storytelling makes you magnetic to others, easily doling out laughs and brutally honest bluntness. You’ll find Sagittarius booking their flight to the next faraway corner of the globe – always in the lesser-known, non-touristy spots of course.

    Your motto: Live your life by a compass, not a clock.  

    Your color: Deep purple

    Your stone: Topaz 

    Your element: Fire

    Your planet: Jupiter, the planet of abundance, spirituality, and growth

    ĀTHR Beauty Picks For Sagittarius 
    • AMETHYST CRYSTAL GEMSTONE PALETTE: An entire crystal eyeshadow palate dedicated to your signature color, purple. These hues feel like you – spiritual, deep, a little bit mystical, and absolutely never ordinary.
    • TOPAZ MINI CRYSTAL PALETTE: Infused with your signature Sagittarian spirit crystal, topaz, this palette sings to your wandering soul. A teeny tiny package perfect to pack in your travelling carry-on, you'll find 4 precious-metal toned shades to mirror the treasures of this planet you love so much.


      You’re the achiever of the zodiac -  you put in the work, follow the plan, and always reach your goals on schedule. Ruled by Saturn, you’re wise beyond your years – a beacon of responsibility and well-guided action. Don’t be fooled though, behind that respectable front, you love to party and have a good time – just as long it doesn’t get in the way of your goals of course! As you age, you’ll become more playful and optimistic – essentially aging in reverse. You’ll find Capricorn diligently working on their ambitious 5-year plan and checking off every item on their to-do list.

      Your motto: Create your own reality.

      Your color: Black, dark brown, and charcoal grey

      Your spirit stone: Ruby

      Your element: Earth

      Your planet: Saturn

      ĀTHR Beauty Picks For Capricorn
      • SUMMER SOLSTICE: An irresistible mix of subtle, office-appropriate mattes for your office hours, and glistening, multi-dimensional shades for your after-hours alter ego. Infused with your spirit crystal, ruby for spiritual alignment to balance out your always-going energy.
      • RUBY CRYSTAL CHARGED CHEEK PALETTE: Pair your toned-down eye look with a flush of sophisticated, vintage luminosity on your cheeks. Infused with Ruby for all-day healing and luminizing benefits (even if you’re still at work).



      You’re an independent –a touch eccentric, a smidge rebellious, and utterly unconcerned with ‘the way things have always been’. You challenge the status quo, always stand up for the greater good, and value freedom above all else. You think big and never back down from a challenge, pushing for change wherever it’s needed. You’ll find Aquarius holding a rally for equal rights and working for a non-profit startup dedicated to change.

      Your motto: Rules are made to be broken.  

      Your colors: Bright blues and violet

      Your stone: Amethyst

      Your element: Air

      Your planet: Uranus

      ĀTHR Beauty Picks For Aquarius 
      • JOSHUA TREE PALETTE: Aquarians thrive on shock value and a rainbow-hued all-matte crystal eyeshadow palette is just what you ordered. Let your freak flag fly and paint with all the colors of the rainbow to express yourself and wear whatever makes you happy - absolutely no rules.
      • AMETHYST CRYSTAL GEMSTONE PALETTE: An ode to your signature cool-toned colors, this crystal eyeshadow palette is anything but ordinary. Deeply pigmented cosmic purples in every tone and texture under the sun give you options aplenty to fulfill your ever-evolving independent tastes.


        The last sign of the zodiac, you’ve absorbed all the lessons learned by the other signs. This deep understanding makes you incredibly compassionate, sensitive, and more than a little bit psychic. You adapt effortlessly to your surroundings with your unparalleled ability to read the energy of a room. Ruled by Neptune, your imagination knows no bounds – you have extremely vivid dreams and endless artistry and creativity. You’ll find Pisces dreaming up their next artistic vision while recovering at home from all the energy they just picked up at that social event.

        Your motto: Live with passion and compassion

        Your colors: Blues and greens

        Your spirit stones: Aquamarine or amethyst

        Your element: Water

        Your planet: Neptune

        ĀTHR Beauty Picks For Pisces
        • AMETHYST CRYSTAL GEMSTONE PALETTE: Infused with your spirit stone, Amethyst, this purple-toned crystal eyeshadow palette feels ethereal, luminous, and a little bit mystical just like you. 
        • JOSHUA TREE PALETTE: You’ll find your perfect underwater hues in this all-matte crystal palette, plus an entire crayon box of colors to fulfill all your aquamarine mermaid dreams.

        A $164 value for just $126!


          We hope this guide helped you find the most cosmically connected ĀTHR Beauty present for the beauty-loving ladies on your list! And don't forget to throw in a treat for yourself - you earned it with all that gruelling online shopping ;)

          -ĀTHR Beauty xo

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